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Vampire Breast Lift

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As women go through hormonal changes brought about by the aging process, pregnancy, breast feeding- the shape, volume and size of the female breasts changes, skin texture changes as well as gravity related drooping of the breasts also occurs. The standard treatment for such changes are breast implants with silicone or autologous fat transfer to the breast which correct most of the changes noted above. However, in some cases, the loss in volume or drooping of the breast or skin texture change is not prominent enough to require implants or fat transfer. In such cases augmenting volume with the vampire breast lift may be the answer.

Vampire Breast Lift

What is The Vampire breast lift?

The Vampire breast lift is a treatment that involves obtaining platelets from patients blood, concentrating the platelets by spinning the blood in a specialized centrifuge and injecting the concentrated platelets called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) into the areas of volume loss in the breast once it is activated with calcium chloride.

Where is the PRP Injected in the Breast?

The main area of focus is to replace volume loss in the cleavage area of the breast, and in some cases , in other areas of the breast where there is obvious volume loss.

How Does PRP Work to Increase Breast Volume?

The PRP once injected into the breast releases growth factors that improves blood flow to the area and help stimulate the growth of new tissues.

What is the Main Benefit of the Vampire Breast lift?

The main benefit of the vampire breast lift is to enhance the shape of a woman’s breast. It is ideal to add and improve the shape of the breast in areas where there might be a disproportionate amount of volume loss especially around the cleavage area.

What Does the Vampire Breast Lift Not Do?

Unlike fat augmentation or silicone augmentation, the vampire breast lift is not ideal to increase the global size of the breast.

What other Benefits Can the Vampire Breast lift provide?

A vampire breast lift can revert an inverted nipple, increase the sensitivity of the nipples, improve the rippling effects sometimes seen after silicone implants and can help with stretch marks seen on the breasts of some women.

Can the Effects of PRP be Enhanced?

Yes, procedure can be enhanced by adding fat or fillers.

Is The Procedure Safe?

Yes, the procedure is safe.

Is the Procedure Invasive?

The procedure is minimally invasive.

Is There any Downtime Associated with the Procedure?

No, there is no down time with the procedure.

How long Does The Procedure Take?

It can take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes to do the procedure.

Is the Procedure Painful?

There can be pain associated with repeated injections, but with appropriate analgesia, topical or with the use of nitrous oxide (laughing gas), pain can be minimal to non existent.

Are There any Complications Associated with The Vampire Facelift?

Complications may include infection, bleeding, swelling, localized redness or very rarely neumothorax.

Any ContraIndications Associated with The Vampire Facelift?

Contraindications may include breast or systemic infection, breast Cancer, pregnancy, breast feeding or blood Dyscrasia.

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