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PRF Facial

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Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) is the next generation of PRP. PRP releases growth factors that are responsible for most of the regenerative benefits it confers on damaged tissue, Platelets also achieve wound healing, collagen production and improved elasticity.

PRF is a fibrin matrix comprised of platelet, cytokines, growth factors and cells, with a very high concentration of white blood cells, fibrin and a small number of stem cells found circulating in our bloodstream used to help promote rejuvenation, repair damaged tissue, involved in wound healing collagen production and improved elasticity.

The benefit of PRF over PRP is the fact that the fibrin matrix created releases the growth factors over weeks as compared to hours when PRP is used and since PRF’s consistency is firm it can be used to volumize areas with volume loss like in the face.

How Does PRF Work?

Fibrin is a biological scaffold that forms in response to an injury anywhere in the body. Platelets circulating in the blood will bind to a scaffold of fibrin. When platelets bind to the fibrin scaffold, they become activated and release growth factors, which start the wound healing process by creating new skin cells, collagen and blood vessels. By injecting PRF into an area on the face or scalp, a controlled inflammatory response is created, which kick starts new cell growth and collagen production.

How Is PRF Used?

PRF is used for all the procedures done with PRP including cosmetic procedures like the vampire facial lift, it is also used as a filler to volumize areas of the face that need volumized, its used in creation of collagen, its used in hair growth treatment as well as for Erectile Dysfunction, and improving female’s ability to achieve orgasm. One area PRP works well is in improving under eye loose skin and dark circles.

PRF does not cause any significant side effects, .Its volume enhancement capabilities can last from 3 to 6 months, while its regenerative properties lasts longer.

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