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If you are dealing with stubborn fat around areas such as the hips, arms, neck, buttocks, thighs, or abdomen, Zinnia Aesthetics & Anti-Aging Clinic and Dr. Anteneh Roba, MD provide various treatment options located in their Fairfax, VA office and serve all of Northern Virginia. Feel free to call or schedule an appointment today.

Liposuction Q & A

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes stubborn, resistant fat from parts of the body. In lay man terms liposuction is a treatment modality used to suck fat from areas on the body that have excess fat.

How does Liposuction work?

Small incisions are made in specific points in the area that is being liposuctioned. An infiltration cannula is inserted through the incision sites and tumescent fluid (The tumescent fluid consists of an anesthetic agent, mixed with normal saline and other products such as an agent that shrinks blood vessels and thus decrease postoperative bruising as well as an anesthetic that helps to make the area numb after the surgery)  is first infused into the area to be suctioned. Once the area is fully anesthesized the fat is suctioned out using a suction

Is Liposuction Safe?  

Liposuction is one of the safest cosmetic surgical procedure done around the world. When Tumescent liposuction is performed which in other words is using local anesthesia as explained above the complications from general anesthesia makes liposuction even more safer.

What are the different types of liposuction treatments?

There are several types of Liposuction procedures that can be used to treat excess fat. To name a few: 

  •  Suction Assisted
    • Suction assisted liposuction, also known as SAL, extracts the patient’s fat manually with a small      cannula, or a hollow tube, that is attached to pressurized vacuum equipment. The tube is inserted through small incisions in the desired areas to allow for the most precise contouring. This is the traditional form of liposuction.
  • Power Assisted
    • Power assisted liposuction (PAL) has a powered device attached to the cannula to vibrate it, allowing the cannula to glide easily through the tissue to evenly remove the fat.
  • Laser Assisted
    • Laser assisted liposuction, uses a laser beam to break down the fat, liquefy it, and produce more collagen growth for skin tightening. This method allows for easier suction and minimizes recovery time. 

Is Liposuction painful?  

Liposuction under general anesthesia is obviously not painful during the surgery, post-surgery there could be some discomfort that can be alleviated by anti-inflammatories and at times with narcotic pain medications

Local tumescent anesthesia using tumescent fluid as described above may cause minor discomfort since patient is awake, but the pain is minimal and very tolerable. To eliminate any serious discomfort besides the tumescent fluid we give narcotic pain medications as well as anxiolytics and we also have introduced pronox which is basically laughing gas which helps with reducing pain and anxiety. Patient is provided a tube hooked up to the pronox that patient inhales the gas using a mouth piece

What are areas that can be treated with liposuction?

The most common areas treated with liposuction are:

  • Upper and lower abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Arms
  • Submental are of neck
  • Lower and Upper back
  • Breasts (male and female)
  • Outer and Inner Thighs
  • Knee area

Who is the ideal candidate?

Any healthy person who is not overtly obese and is having problems getting rid of areas of fat that will not go away with diet or exercise.

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