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Patient Reviews at Zinnia Aesthetics & Anti-Aging Clinic in Fairfax, VA

Zinnia Aesthetics & Anti-Aging Clinic Provides 5 Star Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Services in Fairfax, VA

I’m not the one to write reviews, but Zinnia Aesthetics is AMAZING.
Dr. Roba and Lisa are very knowledgeable and experienced. I was a beyond nervous about my procedure, but they made everything okay and put me at ease. This place is the BEST!! I officially found my anti-aging clinic!!

PS – I’m already seeing great results from my procedure and it’s only been 4 hours since my appointment.

– Lindsay S

I had great results
It was a real transformation. I had the vampire facelift. Most people around me say I look refreshed, healthier or well rested. Dr. Roba took his time to analyze what would best work for me. His staff worked harmoniously from beginning to end. I would highly suggest a visit.

– Tirsite Gebriel

Worth the visit
I’ve always been self causious about my skin because of how many dark spots I had and never went to school with foundation. My mom told me about Dr. Roba and that he could clear up my skin within a couple of months. I was skeptical until we started the treatment. We started with a chemical peel that’s meant to remove dead skin and fix uneven pigmentation. By the end of the appointment Dr. Roba gave me a face wash from his brand that did a miraculous job. Within a few months 90% of my dark spots disappeared and I stopped using foundation. I highly recommend going to Dr. Roba.

– nabi bellete

I had amazing experience
I had the best experience. And excellent results!! I am so happy with the service and the treatments. Dr. Roba was very responsive to my needs and knew how to deal with everything professionally. Thank you so much.

– meskedar

Wrinkle Prevention Much Needed Glow 🙂
I really appreciated the time spent explaining each step of the treatment, letting me know in advance when things may “tingle”.

– milena1984

60 Years Old – Wanted Age Spots Removed As Well As Tightening of the Skin on my Neck and Face
Dr. Anteneh is very professional and spent time reviewing how and what to expect with the treatment I was having. I was very impressed with his kind manner, his knowledge and his dedication to his work.

– MelanieEB

I had an amazing experience
I have had Botox in other offices and while I was not unhappy I thought I would have Dr. Roba do my next round. He listened to what I wanted and kept in contact to make sure I was satisfied with my results. I am very happy and still looks great 4 months in. He and his staff make you comfortable and are amazing.

– MIMI Neb

Zinnia Aesthetics Clinic is the place to be in Fairfax, VA
Dr. Roba and his staff are very welcoming and extremely helpful.It’s so important to have a doctor that you feel 100% secure with! I had the PRP done, and thanks to Dr. Roba, I look so much younger and most of all, I feel great! The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is so great because there is no surgery, Botox, or risk involved. It is the safest procedure to make your skin feel younger. Dr. Roba talked me through the procedure every step of the way and gave me a clear understanding of the outcome of the procedure.

– Mimi H. – Aldie, VA

Wow… I love this place!
I rarely YELP review, but I’m making the time for Zinnia. It is a brand new office that is warm and beautiful. More importantly, the people are amazing with their friendliness and expertise. If you like a personal touch, you will especially appreciate Zinnia. I went in for a cool sculpting (fat freeze) for my belly. Google it… very “cool.” I can’t wait to see the results (I’ll write back).

– Dawn M. – Washington, DC

AHH-MAZEE-ING results!!!
I look and feel 10 years younger!! Dr. Roba is kind, caring, and has years of experience. He made certain I was satisfied. Glenda is just precious! Best facial EVER! She took the time to recommend a new skin care system, went over each step, and even called several times to check in on me. So HAPPY to have the new spa so close as I’ll be spending lots of time there! Thank you Dr. Roba & Glenda Charlton! You sure know how to make a girl feel special and YOUNGER!!!

– Martie N. – Burke, VA

This new medical spa is definitely worth the visit!
As a first time patient having any type of skin care treatment I was slightly anxious. The staff was so [knowledgeable] and kind that any worries I may have had were immediately taken away. I had numerous sun spots removed as well as a full facial ultra light treatment. The doctor took the highest precautions to ensure that there was no pain or discomfort.

– Elizabeth D. – Aldie, VA

I am very very happy!
I appreciated the [sincerity] and honesty Dr. Roba- he makes a great team with his staff. I shall definitely spread the word about Zinnia aesthetics clinic among friends on Facebook.

– Martie

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