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’m not the one to write reviews, but Zinnia Aesthetics is AMAZING.
Dr. Roba and Lisa are very knowledgeable and experienced. I was a beyond nervous about my procedure, but they made everything okay and put me at ease. This place is the BEST!! I officially found my anti-aging clinic!!

PS – I’m already seeing great results from my procedure and it’s only been 4 hours since my appointment.

– Lindsay S


I had great results
It was a real transformation. I had the vampire facelift. Most people around me say I look refreshed, healthier or well rested. Dr. Roba took his time to analyze what would best work for me. His staff worked harmoniously from beginning to end. I would highly suggest a visit.

– Tirsite Gebriel


Worth the visit
I’ve always been self causious about my skin because of how many dark spots I had and never went to school with foundation. My mom told me about Dr. Roba and that he could clear up my skin within a couple of months. I was skeptical until we started the treatment. We started with a chemical peel that’s meant to remove dead skin and fix uneven pigmentation. By the end of the appointment Dr. Roba gave me a face wash from his brand that did a miraculous job. Within a few months 90% of my dark spots disappeared and I stopped using foundation. I highly recommend going to Dr. Roba.

– nabi bellete


I had amazing experience
I had the best experience. And excellent results!! I am so happy with the service and the treatments. Dr. Roba was very responsive to my needs and knew how to deal with everything professionally. Thank you so much.

– meskedar


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