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Mint PDO Threads


Mint Thread ( Minimally Invasive Nonsurgical Thread)

What are Mint Threads?

Mint threads are PDO threads that are minimally invasive that stimulate collagen production as well as lift facial and neck tissue.

What is different about Mint threads?

Mint utilizes an innovative patented technology in which the barbs are press-molded and configured in a 360+ degree helical pattern.

What are the benefits of mint threads?

Mint threads produce excellent instantaneous results without causing a lot of pain and trauma. Unique results like the popular cat-eye snatched jawline, and V- line can be achieved almost instantaneously.

Are Mint threads safe?

The PDO thread used by mint is a safe raw material that has been used in other surgical procedures for wound closure. The material is fully absorbed by the body in 6-9 months. It does not cause significant tissue trauma.

Are Mint threads approved by the FDA?

In 2013, Mint received 510(k) clearance from the FDA as a Class ll medical device, and in 2020, Mint became the only PDO suture in the US market to have received dual FDA clearance and the only device of its kind to receive clearance for a lifting indication for nasolabial labial fold depth reduction.

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