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Vampire Breast Lift


The Vampire Breast lift is a treatment geared towards enhancing the shape of a woman’s breast. Unlike fat augmentation or silicone augmentation, the vampire breast lift is not ideal to increase the global size of the breast, but is ideal to add and improve the shape of the breast in areas where there might be a disproportionate amount of volume loss especially around the cleavage area.

Just like the vampire facelift, the vampire breast lift utilizes Platelet-Rich Plasma that is derived from the patients blood. Once blood is obtained from the patient, the blood is centrifuged and the Platelet-Rich Plasma is removed and is activated by adding calcium chloride and is then injected in the areas of the breast, mostly medially. In the areas of disproportionate volume loss, this is to enhance the breast, lift it and shape it. The PRP once injected into the breast releases growth factors that improves blood flow to the area and help stimulate the growth of new tissues.

The PRP can also be injected into an inverted nipple to reverted back to normal and can help increase the sensitivity of the nipples. PRP injection to the breast can improve the rippling effects sometimes seen after silicone implants and can also help with stretch marks seen on the breasts of some women. This procedure can be enhanced by adding fat or fillers.

The procedure is safe, minimally invasive, the down time is short and complications are rare.


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