Tumescent Liposuction


Tumescent Liposuction is a minimally invasive surgical procedure for the treatment of unwanted body fat. The treatment, unlike hospital based liposuction, is office based and is done under local anesthesia. The treatment is best suited for patients that are close to their ideal weight, who exercise and eat nutritionally balanced healthy foods but who can’t get rid of the excess fat he or she is carrying.

The creator of the procedure is Dr Jeffrey Klein, a dermatologist in California who found away to anesthetize large areas of the body using tumescent fluid that contains lidocaine an anesthetic, epinephrine a vasoconstrictor that helps minimize bleeding and bruising during and after surgery.

The procedure is safe, has minimal downtime and is less expensive than when done in the hospital setting. Initially, the patient comes in for a consultation. Once it’s decided he or she needs liposuction, the patient undergoes a complete physical exam and labs are ordered. On the day of the procedure the patient is weighed, and area to be treated is identified. Once in the surgical suite, the area to be liposuctioned is infiltrated with tumescent fluid followed by aspiration of the excess fat already identified.

Once finished the patient is bandaged and dressed up appropriately and when ready, is sent home accompanied by friend or family.

The procedure is safe, minimal downtime and less expensive than when done in the hospital setting. Side effects are limited and when the procedure is done by a well trained and experienced doctor, the results can be exceptionally good.


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