Top 10 Healthy Foods and Drinks

For one to be healthy and stay healthy eating the right kinds of foods can make a big difference along with other life style changes.

Below are Top Healthy Foods you should eat and drink daily:

  1. Berries- 1 serving of blueberries and 2 servings of strawberries help with cognition slows down brain aging by 2.5 years
  2. Flax seed - 1 tablespoon decreases bp 2-3 times more than bp meds
  3. Whole grains - quinoa, brown rice
  4. Dark leafy greens - the broccoli family including kale,collar greens. Red cabbage good for memory
  5. Legumes - lentils, chick peas, split peas, beans
  6. Mushrooms (3/4 cup white mushrooms cooked good for boosting immune system
  7. Nuts especially walnuts  - palmful for a couple of years decrease stroke by half
  8. Hibiscus tea, Green tea, water

Eating a well balanced nutritionally rich foods that incorporate the foods describe above, not only promote good health, but lead to a long.

Dr. Anteneh Roba

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