Sermorelin Treatment for GH Deficiency

Sermorelin Treatment for Growth Hormone Deficiency


Sermorelin introduced in the body stimulates the normal and physiologic secretion of GH in an intact responsive pituitary resulting in a normal , time separated, pulsatile release of GH, rather than prolonged elevation of exogenous exposure; thereby avoiding tachyphylaxis and preserving the capability for negative feed-back inhibition of GH by the rising levels of IGF-1(hormone produced in liver secondary to GH stimulation)


Sermorelin by stimulating GH release indirectly leads to the execution of all the hormone functions that GH is involved in.


Side effects of Sermorelin are:


How to diagnose GH deficiency:

   - Standard way is to check directly the  

    GH levels in the blood

        With corresponding symptoms 

        requires treatment 


Treatment includes

        Loosing body fat

        Intermittent Fasting 2 days eating 

        500-600 calories/weekly  

        Sugar Intake reduction

        Taking protein shakes around


         Not eating a lot or high carb- high      

         protein food before sleeping


   - Supplements 


  1. Arginine supplements 6-20 GM s/day 100-250 mg/day
  2. GABA supplement increases GH also improves sleep which is linked to GH increase since most Gh is released at night
  3. Take 1-5 mg of melatonin
  4. Take following supplements :

          Glutamine 2gms

           Creatine.   20gm


           L dopa in patients with Parkinson’s



          . Aerobics

          . Strength Training




Treating Growth Hormone Deficiency using Growth Hormone secretagogues instead exogenous GH is safer, more physiologic and legal.


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Dr. Anteneh Roba

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