IPL Treatment for Multiple Indications

IPL Treatment for Multiple Indications

IPL Or otherwise called Intense Pulse Light is a light therapy that uses multiple  wavelengths of light to treat

pigmented lesions as well as vascular lesions and is also used to rejuvenate the face and for hair removal.

Who can Benefit from IPL?

  1 . Anyone with age spots, brown pigments

  2 . Anyone with Rosacea , broken blood vessels

  3 . Anyone with fine lines and wrinkles

  4 . Anyone who wants hair removal

  5 . Anyone who has acne


Who can and cannot get IPL treatment?


Advantages of IPL Treatment :


Disadvantages :

If done inappropriately IPL can cause:

     - Burns

     - Hyper pigmentation 

     - Hypopigmentation

     - Scarring

     - Eye damage

Four to six treatments three to four weeks apart are the suggested treatment protocol.

Done by a well trained professional the results of an IPL treatment can be stunning.


Dr. Anteneh Roba

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