How Much Exercise is Needed To Lose Weight?

How Much Exercise is Needed to Lose Weight?


Studies show that the effect of exercise alone has a small effect on the reduction of body weight independent on of caloric restriction. However, in combination with dietary restriction, exercise has an additive effect and enhances weight loss beyond the effect of diet alone. 

Exercise has been shown to have a significant beneficial effect on cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors independent of actual weight loss. 

There is also positive changes related to genetic factors when exercise is included. 


Increase food energy supply is a major cause in the prevalence of obesity in the USA today, even though physical activity energy expenditure has gone up in the last 30 years the increase in obesogenic food overconsumtions is much higher. 


In order to sustain weight loss via exercise the amount of exercise needed is closer to twice what is recommended by the current Physical Activity Guidelines.


So, can one lose weight by exercising? the answer is a resounding YES, but the energy expenditure needed is at least twice what has been the norm for years.

Dr. Anteneh Roba

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