Healing Properties of Stem Cells

                                 Healing Properties of Stem Cells


What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells  are cells found in multicellular organisms like humans that can differentiate or divide indefinitely. They have the ability to functionally change into any cell in our body and can integrate to the target tissue.

Stem cell Properties:

Ability to replicate themselves (make copies of themselves)

Potency: capacity differentiate into specialized cell types and tissue

         Five types of stem cell potencies exist:

         a)  Totipotent Stem Cells(Omnipotent) can differentiate into an organism

         b)  Pluuripotent Stem Cells (embryonic stem cells) can form into any cell type 

         c)  Multipotent Stem Cells (Adult Stem Cells) Can differentiate into many different cells(fetal tissue, adipose,

              bone marrow)

         d)  Oligopotent Stem Cells can only differentiate into a few cell types (myeloid & lymphoid)

         e)  Unipotent Stem Cells  can only produce one cell type (muscle cells  for example)

Types of Stem Cells:

  - Embryonic

  -  Adult

  - Induced Pluripotent


 - Autologous (source are from patients own body)

 - Allogenic  (source of stem cells are from another donor)

 - Xenogenic  (Source is from another species)

Advantages of Stem Cells:

When stem cells are introduced into damaged or diseased tissue, they can differentiate into the tissue they were introduced into and regenerate the damaged tissue. Due to their regenerative abilities stem cells are now being used to treat several diseases such as :

- Heart Disease

- Most Autoimmune Disorders

- Osteoarthritis

- Joint and Back Pain

- Spinal Cord Injuries

- Peyronie’s Disease

- Erectile Dysfunction

- Lung Disease

- Diabetes Type II

- Neurodegenerative Diseases (Parkinson”Disease, Alzheimer Disease, ALS, MS)

- Dermatologic Conditions

- Hair Loss

- Cosmetic conditions


- The less differentiated the stem cells are the less control of an orderly differentiation

- Means of extraction can cause infections, bleeding, immunosuppression

Future Uses of Stem Cell  Technology:

 - Replace tissue and organs

 - Repair defective cell types

 - Delivery of genetic therapies

 - Delivery of Chemotherapy Agents


Currently our clinic uses Stem Cells in conjunction with PRP  for the following indications:

- Musculoskeletal conditions (traumatic and inflammatory)

- Erectile Dysfunction

- Peyronie’s Disease

- Hair Loss 


More To Come!!!!!



Dr. Anteneh Roba

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