Having Problems Losing Weight Despite Starving Yourself?

Many people go on never ending diets, sometimes going to the extremes by starving themselves or combining 

their restrictive diets with intense exercise to no avail. People try the Paleo Diet, the Low Carb Diet, High Protein Diet The Mediterranean diet, the Ketogenic diet, the Dash Diet, the South Beach Diet, the Low Fat Diet and on and on it goes.

So why can’t some people lose the weight? Why can’t they lose the belly fat?


The causes of excessive weight gain are multifactorial and some times  shedding the excess weight isn’t just about 

eating less, or eating less of a certain type of food or exercising intensely.

In some cases the cause can be due to a hormonal imbalances that when corrected will allow ones body to respond to 

dieting and exercising.

There are a few hormones involved in metabolism and body fat distribution such as testosterone, estrogen,thyroid hormone

growth hormone, insulin, leptin when not well balanced can lead to weight gain.



 These are major  hormones involved in weight regulation, there are a few others not mentioned here such as Ghrelin Leptin, Melatonin , that if aren’t within normal levels in the body can lead to weight gain.


So despite ones diligent effort to lose weight by eating less and exercising more, sometimes the problem is medical and the only way to lose weigght is to get treated for the particular hormonal imbalance that is  causing the problem.t.



Dr. Anteneh Roba

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