Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Restoration Treatment


Hair loss is a problem affecting both men and women. Its psychological impact can be devastating at times. With advances in medicine the treatment options are many.

To name a few:

    1) Nutritional supplements

    2) Treating Medical conditions that cause hair loss

    3)  Topical hair loss treatments

    4)  Laser hair treatment

    5)  PRP for hair

    6)  Hair Transplant

 Some reasons people seek out medical help:


  1. Male pattern baldness
  2. Female patter baldness
  3. Thinning hair
  4. Isolated bald spots
  5. Receding Hairline
  6. Shedding hair etc…

 The typle of hair loss will sometimes determine what kind of treatment is required,

for example complete hair loss will most likely necessitate a hair transplant while thinning hair can be treated with laser therapy, PRP, Topical treatments like minoxidil and finasteride or a combination of the three.

Whatever the case maybe most cases of hair loss can be treated successfully with different types of treatments and combinations.                               

Dr. Anteneh Roba

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