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Face and Hand Augmentation with Fillers

Face and Hand Augmentation

Facial augmentation is a cosmetic procedure intended to volumize the face. Augmentation of the hands is also becoming very popular. 

The procedures to volumize the face  has particularly become very popular with the advent of different types of fillers that provide exquisite results when done by a well trained provider.

Who benefits from fillers?

What kind of fillers are used for volumizing the face and or hand:

 - Most common ones are Hyaluronic Acid based fillers. Last anywhere from six months to two years 

 - Less common are Collagen based fillers 

 - Micronized fat lasts indefinitely 

There are also fillers such as 

Most of the fillers used in the hands are usually Hyaluronic based or Radiesse and less common are the synthetic longer lasting ones.



Side Effects of Fillers:


For the most part filler injections are free of serious side effects and 

can be reversed when hyaluronic acid based fillers like restylane silk

or volbella are used.


The synthetic based longer lasting fillers tend to stimulate collagen production which is part of their mechanism of action.


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Dr. Anteneh Roba

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