Chemical Peel Treatments

Chemical Peel Treatments 


Chemical peels are chemical products used to treat skin causing exfoliation and eventually peeling of the skin.

The whole idea is to remove dead skin and allowing to generate healthy skin.


What are the benefits of chemical peel treatment?

  1. Removes damaged out layer of the skin 
  2. Reduces wrinkles
  3. Improves skin texture 
  4. Reduces scars
  5. Helps in collagen production
  6. Improves skin evenness
  7. Improves skin pigmentation 
  8. Helps with acne


What are the downside  of a chemical peel?


  1. Risk of hyperpigmentation or hyperpigmentation
  2. Risk of scarring
  3. Not getting the results expected
  4. Cold sores if there is a history of herpes simplex infection 


Anyone with sun damaged skin can benefit from chemical peels. It tends to work better in lighter skin individuals


Types of Chemical Peels:


  1. Light Chemical Peels
  2. Medium Chemical Peels
  3. Deep Chemical Peels



Downtime after chemical peels vary depending how deep the penetration goes.

Deep chemical peels will take at least two weeks 

Medium peels may take 7-10 days to heal 

Light peels take 4-5 days to heal

Dr. Anteneh Roba

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