Are Medical Foods A Good Choice To Achieve Weight Loss

                     Are Medical Foods A Good Choice To Achieve Weight Loss?



Weight loss  is not easy if not properly done. Cutting calories and exercising not done right can lead to muscle loss and fat accumulation leading to what is called sarcopenic obesity which basically means muscle mass  loss and persistent fat deposits. Sarcopenic obesity is basically a drop in weight at the expense of muscle instead of fat which is unhealthy.


Lean muscle mass will burn more calories than fat. So once someone goes on a diet and looses more muscle than fat not only will they not achieve their ideal body weight, not only will they look unhealthy and not fit, they will also regain all the weight and some once they get off the diet.

So going on a medically supervised weight program and monitoring percentage muscle mass vs percentage fat loss becomes extremely important.

One way to assure there is no loss in muscle mass is to go on a balanced medically supervised weight program which can include medical meals.


What are Medical Meals? 

Medical meals are fully balanced nutritionally sound diets that have all the macro and micronutrients our body needs.They are meals already prepared that patients eat on a daily bases for the prescribed time. 


Advantages of Medical Meals:

  1. They are already fully prepared to cover breakfast, lunch, dinner and 


  2.   They are nutritionally balanced

  3.    Reduces the chances of person cheating

  4.    Weight loss is rapid

   5.   Muscle mass is preserved


Disadvantage of Medical Meals:

   1. Could be boring

   2. Flavor might be an issue

   3. Increased chance of not completing the diet program                          


Medical meals are  especially very effective in patients who are obese and have co-morbidities like Diabetes Mellitus. Diabetics can reduce their medications significantly or at times stop taking medications after a significant weight loss.


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